Burnham Park, located in the southside of Chicago, is often viewed as empty, ugly, and repulsive.  People have stopped going there because there is so much debris.  There are also so few bathrooms that people relieve themselves on the trees.  Also, the raging lake waters have tossed loose rocks onto the shores of Burnham Park making it nearly impossible to walk along the beach.  Burnham Park appears dilapidated and few people, if any, even bother visiting this once popular park.  Therefore, the major reason Burnham Park needs to be renovated is so that all people in Chicago will feel safe going to Burnham Park and will want to go there.  Ways to make this possible include providing better transportation for these people to get to the southside, and guaranteeing more activities and safety measures.

Our group decided that at the start of renovating, basic improvements have to be taken care of.  These improvements include: building more restrooms, planting more trees and flowers, getting rid of the jagged rocks along the lakefront and replacing them with smooth rocks, fixing the bridges, installing garbage cans and recycling cans, and hiring beach police.
After taking care of the basic needs, our group decided to propose three main sources of attraction to draw visitors to the park.  Our first attraction is a miniature golf, restaurant, and para-sailing center.  Our next attraction is a Sports and Health Center dedicated to Daniel Burnham, and finally our last attraction is an outdoor amphitheater, where visitors can go to enjoy live performances, musical entertainment and cultural presentations.

Through these improvements, our group hopes to make Burnham Park what it used to be; a place where people felt safe and comfortable to enjoying picnics, softball games, and walks on the beach.  Furthermore, we hope to reinvent Burnham Park through these new attractions to be a popular place in which all of Chicago can enjoy.

Last Updated 4/4/1999