You are invited to attend the banquet as a TOK Teacher named Bill Frere,

You are a teacher at a High School in the city, at an exclusive all girls college preparatory high school.  You seem to philosophize in all of your extra time, (like there's any of that).  You’re known by your students to be a little goofy and tell silly jokes, but mostly for the way little details excite you, and how everything in the world is to be analyzed, well that is if there is a world.  Oh never mind.  You met Phillip E. Phish when you were in high school.  You both attended the same school, in fact he was in some of your classes but you were too smart for him. By sophomore year you went on to study the philosophy of oranges while he took drama.  For the most part, you two got along pretty well.


Do not breathe a word of your identity to anyone in the class.
it is vital for everything to maintain a secret, and we are
   trusting you with a code of honesty.

-Please wear a goofy tie, glasses and carry a coffee mug in one hand and a Philosophy book in the other.

- It is also highly important that you are present on this day.
   We need full participation to make this work.

Thank You.

More information will be provided later.