In small groups of 4 (a total of 5 groups), you must create and present to the Mayor of the City of Chicago a comprehensive revitalization plan for the city's lakefront. Your plan must address the problem of water pollution, cleanup of the lakefront and beaches and a rebuilding of the surrounding area. Your presentation should include models, graphs, charts, visual aids. Your group must somehow address all of the TOK subjects areas we have covered this year - math, natural science, social science, history, politics, aesthetics and morality.

There also must be considerable collaboration among all the groups so that what is presented is not only comprehensive but also cohesive. For instance, there should be one plan to address water pollution, not five. Projects will be presented on March 9 and 10. A written summary will be due by March 12, 1999.

Small groups will be responsible for one of the following areas:
(1) Lincoln Park - Hollywood to Oak Street
(2) Navy Pier, Soldiers Field, Meig's Field
(3) Grant Park & Monroe Harbor - Randolph to Roosevelt Road
(4) Burnham Park - Roosevelt Road to Jackson Park
(5) South Works - 79th to 106th Street

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