Water, Water Everywhere
an IB Theory of Knowledge Project

"Founded in the 1960’s, the International Baccalaureate Organisation grew out of international schools’ efforts to establish a common curriculum and university entry for geographically mobile students.  With headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland and programs in over 750 secondary schools in nearly 100 countries worldwide,  IB believes that a shared academic experience emphasizes critical thinking and exposure to a variety of viewpoints would foster tolerance and inter-cultural understanding among young people.”  (International Baccalaureate Organisation)

“Theory of Knowledge, a required course for all candidates for the IB Diploma, is a key element in the educational philosophy of the IB.  Its purpose is to stimulate critical reflection upon and an evaluation of the bases of knowledge and experiences and to develop a personal mode of thought based on critical examination of evidence and argument.”  (International Baccalaureate Organisation)

The purpose of this project is to use the framework of the Theory of Knowledge course to gain an appreciation and  understanding of other cultures and societies through an examination of a common problem, in this case, water pollution.

How The Project Started
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Project Data:
Lake Michigan, USA

Completed by:
Trinity High School
River Forest, Il. USA

Río Bravo, México

Realizado por:
Eugenio Garza Sada
Monterrey, México

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Last updated 5/31/1999
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