Grant Park and Monroe Harbor

There were no major changes to be made in this area.  The biggest renovation is the addition of a parking lot.  When there are festivals at Grant Park, parking is difficult to find.  This won't cure the problem, but it will alleviate it somewhat.  Our other relatively major change is the underpass we hope to build under Lake Shore Drive at Monroe to allow people to cross Lake Shore Drive with less danger.

We also want to improve some minor problems with the appearance of Grant Park.  It's a beautiful park, but many of the sidewalks need improvement.  Also, it's not very well lit.  We want to change the lights so that they are white instead of the yellow color that they are now so that the paths have better lighting.  Security phones will also be installed to make Grant Park safer.

Grant Park is used for a few concerts, the Taste of Chicago and the Blues Fest, but that's all.  We want to increase funding for more festivals.  We also want to add more picnic tables and benches to encourage more people to visit.

Last updated 4/4/1999