South Works

Our groupís project was to revamp the South Works area of the lakefront, which is from 63rd Street to 106th Street.  In our plans we chose to add a three-story mall, the Lakeview Mall.  It would be facing the Lake Michigan, and would be paneled in glass.  There would also be an eatery on the top floor, with a dome ceiling.  Another part of our plan includes a 30-screen movie theatre.  This particular theatre would be one of the few Chicago land theatres with student, children, and senior citizen discounts, as well as matinee shows for $3.75 and regular priced shows for $7.00. Also, there would be a headquarters for pollution control in the lake at the existing purification plant.  Because our section is probably one of the most problematic for pollution and safety, because the shore is lined with factories, a program for cleaning up the lake and for beach security would also be implemented.  It is our hope that these new features to the South Works area would draw more people to this section of the lake front and divert some of the overcrowding problems at other beaches.  The final piece of our plan was the casino boat.

Last updated 4/4/1999