Since our entire city plan aids more attractions to the lake front, transportation becomes an issue that our class needed to address.  Because the original purpose of the group is water pollution, it is important to promote public transportation to get to all of the attractions to lower the amount of air and water pollution.  Because of this need of public transportation, we have created a shuttle service which would allow all of the attractions to be visited by public transportation.

There will be an individual shuttle for each of the lake front sections, with the exception of the Grant Park group which is included in the Navy Pier group's shuttle.  These individual shuttles will start at the El station closest to the group's northern attraction, then travel south and stop at each attraction in the groups area.  Once the shuttle reaches the attraction furthest south, it will turn around and return to the EL station, stopping at each of the attractions once more on the way.  This would allow all of the attractions to be accessible by public transportation and allow the visitors to return to their place of origin.

Along with the individual shuttles, there will be one Lake Shore Drive shuttle, which would stop at one attraction from each of the groups.  The shuttle will travel both North and South.  This will allow a relatively quick way to connect the different groups attractions and increase the range of accessibility of the public transportation.  By using both the individual shuttles and the Lake Shore Drive shuttle an individual can reach any attraction in any of the groups using only public transportation.  To do this they only need to take an EL train from their place of origin to the closest station with the individual shuttle system, take the shuttle to the groups attraction which also serves as a shuttle stop for the Lake Shore Drive shuttle, take this shuttle to the stop in the area they want to visit, then finally take the individual shuttle to the desired location within the area.

Because public transportation would be promoted, it would be important to work out a relatively inexpensive fee for the service.  Also since the passengers would most likely be taking more than one trip because they would need a return trip, it would be best to sell tickets that would last the entire day.  A two dollar fee would allow an individual unlimited access to the shuttle services for an entire day.  However, there would also be yearly passes available for twenty dollars for individuals who plan to use the shuttle many times throughout the year.  By allowing an inexpensive and enviromentally-friendly manner of travel between the different attractions that our new lake front plan offers, more people can take advantage of the new attractions easily and safely..

Last updated 4/18/1999